Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crafty Tuesday - Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Thanksgiving Tablecloth

A few years ago I wanted to find a way to put our own family twist on Thanksgiving dinner. I came up with this tablecloth that we bring out every year to use for the holiday. My plan is to update it every year in the hopes of passing it down to the kids one of these days as a family heirloom. 


  • Pick up a plain white cotton/linen tablecloth.
  • Grab your ink pad from the craft cabinet and stamp the kids' handprints on the tablecloth.
  • Write their names and year by their prints. When they get older they can write their names themselves and you can look back thru the years to see how their handwriting has improved.
  • Embellish as you would like. I have left mine plain white, but you can buy Thanksgiving themed stamps that would work well also.
  • If you plan to have a true messy Thanksgiving feast using this tablecloth, you'll want to purchase a clear cover to place on top of it. Usually, clear disposable covers are available at party supply stores for just around $2.00.

Happy Crafting!

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