Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crafty Tuesday - Flower Pens

Flower Pens
(These are great if you need a cheap 'n easy craft to give to the kiddos' teachers for the holidays.)


ball point pens (they must be the ones with the cap and not the retractable kind)

artificial flowers

floral tape

wire clippers

baby powder


1. With your wire clippers, trim all but about an inch or two off of the flower stem.

2. Hold the flower next to the end of the pen and start wrapping the floral tape.

3. Dust the finished pen with baby powder to get rid of the sticky feeling from the floral tape.

4. Accessorize with ribbons or stick them in a cute little flower pot, vase, or mug with dried beans as a filler. 

Bigger flowers with a flat base will work best. Another idea is to use seasonal flowers and give them as a bouquet.

Wasn't that super fun and easy to do?


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jamieatasu said...

I would love to make some of these. They would be cute teacher pens. I'll have to see where I can find some cheap floral tape. Thanks!